Reimagine Search From Your Desktop or Mobile Device

It is time to unleash the power of intelligent search and take command of construction document management from the office and into the field.

Access all project data. Everywhere.

Integrate With Every
Major Cloud Platform

Construction documents are generated by many different companies from a range of software platforms and distributed using many different cloud platforms. Take command of incoming construction documents by syncing with DADO to find and collaborate the latest project data in real-time.

No Detail Goes Unnoticed.

Index all Construction Documents

From drawings to safety manuals, from RFIs to submittals, DADO brings intelligence to all types of construction documents and makes sure no detail goes unnoticed. DADO instantly captures and indexes all construction documents, requiring zero document administration to keep documents up to date once it is launched.

Keep Your Attention on the Detail.

Customize search to meet your project’s unique requirements. From prioritizing key documents and drawings by project phase to drilling down to the project details, DADO brings bespoke search to construction. Armed with Intelligent Search, DADO helps project teams reduce errors and rework caused by taking action on the wrong information.

Just Say It. DADO Will Find It.

Voice Driven Search for Builders

DADO’s search engine empowers your active field teams by combining voice with intelligent search so they can focus on construction.

DADO Speaks For Itself.

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