Building with the industry is part of the DADO story.

It’s something we’ll keep doing whether we’re a company of 4 people or a company of 4,000. No one knows better than you, the VDC Managers, Project Engineers, Foremen, and more, how projects are actually built, and the barriers that exist to completing them. You see first hand which mistakes slow down the progress of a building project, and which tools make your life easier so you can get home to your family on time.

It’s been an unusual year, to say the least, so we want to check in with you and ask about your work. What tools are you using, what’s been working well, and what hasn’t? We’re interested to know how you’re managing documents, and which tools your company is using right now. We’re willing to bet you’ve started using more tech this year out of necessity, but what’s your company’s next step technology-wise?

The deadline to respond is November 20, 2020. Be sure to have a voice in telling the industry’s story.  Survey respondents are eligible to win a $20 Amazon gift card; 5 winners will be drawn.

Answer the 10 question (or 3 min) survey below.

We really appreciate your time in giving us some feedback, and letting us get a “pulse check” on the industry.