Bridging the Digital Divide

Say it. Find it. Build it.

Two of the biggest enemies on every job site are wasted time spent searching for information, and rework caused by missing or outdated information. As more software is built for both construction offices and the field, these issues are intensifying, creating an ever growing digital divide.

DADO is the only tool available that instantly bridges this divide. It does this by giving everyone the power to instantly retrieve the most current documents by speaking or typing into any computer, smartphone or tablet. Think of it as the ultimate search engine for shop drawings, plans, specifications, submittals, spool drawings, and more. 

This means you can say goodbye to doubts about document accuracy. Say goodbye to digging through endless folders searching for files. Say goodbye to loads of rework. And use DADO to Say it. Find it. Build it.

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DADO is the only Intelligent Search tool that effectively bridges the office to the field.


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