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Try construction’s fastest forms solution today, with pre-loaded with free COVID forms, including:

  • COVID Immunization Verification Form
  • COVID Screening Questionnaire Form
  • COVID Weekly Testing Form
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Take the Hassle Out of Managing COVID Forms with DADO’s Free COVID Account

Your free COVID account comes pre-loaded with standard COVID forms, and documented guides on how to roll out digital COVID forms with your teams. Get your free account, add team members, and start managing your COVID forms. Teams can complete their forms from a computer, or right from their phone or tablet.

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COVID Smart Forms

What You Get with DADO’s Free COVID Account

A free DADO COVID account gives you access to a selection our platform’s features. You’ll get:

  • A personal account, set up and pre-loaded with our COVID Forms Starter Pack.
  • Access to self-service support documentation and FAQs.
  • Access to limited platform functionality:
    • Digital forms – fill, annotate, organize, and search them all from inside DADO. We will provide a handful of preloaded forms templates for you to use.
    • Log of completed forms – you can filter or search for completed forms to see who has tested positive for COVID, who is fully vaccinated, or if anyone on your team has symptoms.
    • Email notification – receive an email ever time a new form is submitted with the completed form available for immediate review
    • Total privacy of completed forms – manage who can access completed forms and who can only submit them.
    • Using DADO wherever you are – on the web in the office or the trailer
    • Support admin completion or employee completion – administrators can complete and verify submitted forms depending on your company policy.
    • Add unlimited additional users – from admins to employees.

If you’d like to access additional functionality like working with a full range of forms and documents, as well as integrations that enable automated document syncing, or adding more users, please contact us at any time. We can seamlessly convert your free COVID account into a pilot or customer account – including all your users, documents, and data.

Just Want to Download the COVID Form Templates?

We’ve got you covered. We provide the same forms available in DADO as fillable templates. You can print them for paper forms or upload them to your preferred forms tool as fillable PDFs.

Who’s Eligible?

To be eligible for a free DADO COVID account, you must work in the construction industry in the United States or Canada. You can only have one free account active at any one time.

When you sign up for a DADO free account, we ask for information to help us assess your eligibility, including a work email address and phone number.

How a Free DADO COVID Account Works

  1. Sign up for your free account.
  2. We’ll assess your eligibility, and be in touch within 1-2 business days to provide your login credentials and information to kickstart your account.
  3. Start enjoying using DADO!
  4. Got questions? Our self-service support information should answer all your questions.
  5. Whenever you’re ready, you have the option to convert it into a pilot or customer account and get access and training to all of DADO’s features – including all users, documents, and data.