Explore our 21-Day DADO Pilot.
Because a demo isn’t enough to decide.

Get a dedicated success manager to work with your leadership team, create a pilot plan that works for your team, and see the value for yourself. No commitment to buy.

Partner with DADO for Real Results

Partnering with DADO is the fastest way to solve your document management problems. Your team will work shoulder to shoulder with DADO’s experts, identifying a pilot use case and objectives, training, and making sure the software supports your processes.

By the end of your 21-day pilot, you’ll have seen our benefits, and will know what it’s like to work with DADO. So when you decide to sign on as a customer, you’ll be making an informed choice that you won’t regret.

We found the pilot to be very valuable. There are many different software solutions in the market, so having a way to ‘kick the tires’ on a program before committing to purchase is a big plus. DADO’s commitment to improving on an already good program, and their willingness to take input from us, the end user, is ultimately what clinched our decision to move forward using DADO for our company.

Todd Grossweiler, Executive Vice President at Allison-Smith Company, LLC.

I’m Interested in a DADO Pilot

What You Get

A DADO Pilot is a 21-day program that shows you what successful digital document management looks like for your business. Working closely with DADO’s team of experts, you’ll get:

  • Discovery workshops (online or in person) to identify a key use case to pilot.
  • Professional services to set up your document synchronization and automate document administration.
  • Setup and software licenses for as many users as your pilot needs, whether on computers, iPads, or iPhones.
  • Training for your user groups, in person or online.
  • Support and help from our Customer Success experts throughout the pilot and beyond. You’ll get a dedicated contact to train you on the latest features, address issues, and support your team’s ongoing success.
  • The ability to seamlessly convert your pilot account into a customer account – including all your users, documents, and data.

How a DADO Pilot Works

  1. Register your interest and our sales team will be in touch to discuss next steps.
  2. Work with our team to identify a suitable use case to pilot.
  3. Provide the relevant documents for our team to load into the software.
  4. Work with us to get your team trained.
  5. Start enjoying using DADO!