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Organize and Distribute Documents and Plans Digitally

Paper binders are prone to getting out of date and need constant management to make sure the latest information is included. Skip the paper (and overhead): go digital.

How Our Customers Use Digital Binders

  • Current project files: packaging docs up based on dates and what’s currently active – great for taking files offline and having them accessible in the field. Latest versions are pulled in by default.
  • RFI related documents: pulling together everything related to a specific RFI and attaching it directly to the document.
  • Project area binders: all the information for a floor or a room where there is active contruction.
  • Section or system binders: this could be details for an installation, panel information, or water heater – or all docs within a specific discipline.

Key Features

Available on Web and Mobile App
  • Export: package all of the information in a binder to send via email, or download it to your device and track when it’s sent.
  • Attach to forms: use a binder to package up information and quickly attach all of the documents to a Smart Form.
  • Sharing controls: select who on the project has access to the binder.
  • Take offline: make your most important documents available offline, without eating up all your storage on your phone or tablet.
Digital binders from DADO on the web

Keep Track of Changes and Collaborate on Them

  • See new documents added: keep track of how many documents you have, and new documents coming in.
  • Add markups: collaborate on documents in binders with public annotations, or make notes just for yourself.
  • Track annotations: set up custom notifications when public markups are added.
  • Get the latest versions: always have the latest version of a drawings, and compare older versions in one click.

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