Best Practice Guides for Digital Construction Forms

RFI Guide & Template

In theory, RFIs help move projects forward and reduce costly errors. In practice, unfortunately, many construction professionals find requests for information to be a hurdle rather than helpful.

Punchlist Guide & Template

In a perfect world, there would be no need for a construction punchlist form. In the real world, things rarely go exactly as planned. And punchlists are a standard feature of construction project closeout.

Change Order Guide

Change orders are an inevitable part of any significant build. With a construction change order template and organized process in place they’re not a headache to create, manage, and track.

Guide to JHA & JSA Forms

Job Hazard Analysis and Job Safety Analysis forms can be seen as a barrier to work, but when seamlessly integrated into work processes, they keep workers safe and provide valuable insights.

Submittals Guide & Template

Submittals are a key component of any major construction project. With multiple parties and hundreds or thousands of submittal forms, there are many opportunities for things to get stuck.

Daily Report Guide & Template

Daily reports and logs are vital but labor-intensive. With the help of the right construction software, filling out daily reports and logs become a much quicker process for everyone in the team.

Guide to Work Order Forms

When used and managed well, work order forms document a construction project’s progress, set clear expectations, and prevent expensive errors and rework.

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