Cloud Platform Integrations

Easy Access to All Your Project Information in One Place with DADO Sync

DADO Sync integrates with the major document management and construction platforms, gathering all your documents in one app. Give your team automatic access to the very latest information, whether they’re in the office, or on job sites. Get peace of mind that they’re working from the most up-to-date documents, with every last change instantly searchable.

Integrations Save You Time

Stop Guessing Where your Documents are with a Document Hub

Even teams using a standard cloud storage find themselves having to access documents across 3-5 different platforms, then digging through folder structures unique to the person who loaded the documents. We call that “folder hell” here at DADO. DADO sync will save your project managers, superintendents, and foreman having to remember where to find the information they need. DADO Sync connects all of your project files across the major cloud platforms into a single platform in minutes that maintains and organizes the information for you.

Supported Connections

After initial setup, DADO makes document identification, administration and distribution to the people that need them most a seamless, real-time process. There’s no more worry that the field doesn’t have the latest up to date information.

Lee Wyman, Vice President, Ben Hur Construction

DADO Sync is Simple – Just Set and (Mostly) Forget

Let the software do the work for your team
  • Import and ingest thousands of documents in minutes – 6x faster than any other software.
  • Once set up, new documents will automatically be imported an ingested, no manual intervention required.
  • Combine DADO Sync + Templating and once your documents are ingested, the information will also be versioned and keyed in for you – whatever the format or layout.


DADO Sync is easy to use but there are some nuances when it comes to cloud integrations. Feel free to email us with any specific questions at!

How often will documents update?

DADO sync will run on a regular schedule daily with all of your latest docs in DADO by the time your team arrives in the office. You can also “on demand sync” all of your documents in any folder at any time. Note that there are restrictions based on cloud provider of how much data, per day, can be passed through their API.

Does DADO Sync pass date to other Cloud Platforms?

Not at this time, DADO Sync is a one-way sync. Once a connection is established DADO Sync will import all of your document then update with the latest information daily into DADO. Any changes outside of DADO are synced in, any changes in DADO will stay in DADO.

What happens if I update load changes to an existing document in my cloud platform?

Each time there is an update (or new version) of a document, DADO will detect those changes. The application do not use file names to determine updates – we look at the actual documents and the metadata inside of the document to determine if that document has been synced and whether to import it.