Easily Find and View Your Documents and Forms

When you’re working on a project that’s 10k sqft and 6 stories high, you’ll love being able to easily pull up any information you need without dragging around pieces of paper, or realizing you forgot to grab something. If you have your iPhone or iPad in your pocket, you’re good to go!

Knows Construction

Construction documents are messy. Whether it’s labeled water closet or bathroom, our algorithm knows what the documents mean, and will find what you’re looking for.

Voice or Text

We can’t spell mezzanine without help either. But with our voice search, just speak into your phone and we’ll search for you. Too loud on the jobsite? We’ve got smart text search as well.

Press and hold any words in the doc you’re in and instantly search the document for them. We like to keep it fast and easy and not have to keep running searches over and over.

Quick Filters

Drill down your search results with customizable quick filters, like discipline or document type, making finding documents a snap.

Submit and Access Digital Forms From Your Mobile Device

Digitally fill in all of your forms with voice-to-text from wherever you are. With fast-fill and autofill features in our digital forms, you won’t miss your paper copies.

Save Drafts

Whether your spec book is 100 or 1000 pages long, DADO automatically breaks out spec sections, making them easier to search and read.

Go Offline

DADO’s best-in-class Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scans the gnarliest layouts and even handwritten notes, making the entire content of your doc (yes, all of it) searchable.

Update Versions

DADO shows you exactly how many issues of a drawing you have, giving you confidence that your team is building with the right plan.

Attach Photos

Easily attach photos to a form for jobsite update or RFIs while you’re updating them – right from your phone. Add mark-ups and notes to the photo to give additional context.

Real-Time Collaboration Tools

Whether you just want to make notes for yourself for later, or share with your team, it’s up to you. Collaboration tools are also tied in with search, so you can find documents with mark-ups, or search the mark-ups as you need to as well.

Digital Binders

Don’t risk your information getting out of date or missing updates. With digital binders, you can organize project information and we’ll take care of the rest.

Mark-up Tools

Get industry-standard mark-up tools like cloudy rectangles, lines or arrows, and text. Easily call out your notes and changes for yourself, or to your team.

Share Documents

Got a question that needs a quick answer? Email or text your document right out of DADO as a PDF.


Compare your shop or project drawings with all of the mark-ups included. You can also mark up the overlay view, and email information from your team.

Want to See for Yourself?

Schedule time with our team and we’ll walk you through how easy our mobile app is to use with your documents and digital forms.