DADO Mobile App

DADO Mobile App Releases

New Features, Enhancements, and Bug Fixes in the DADO Mobile App

2.3.0 – Time-saving Smart Forms Enhancements

Copy previous forms – for forms where you are entering the same information day-to-day or week-to-week, you can now pre-populate your next form using a previous form as a template.

Attach DADO documents to forms – open up your recently viewed documents or attach any binder as a document to the form.

Export binder – export as an email or download documents in a binder either with or without markups and annotations.

Bug fixes:
– The pen tool now saves if it was the last annotation made in a form.
– Forms with a forward slash now save to drafts properly.

2.2.0 – Offline Mode v1

Offline Form Drafts – enter information and attach downloaded documents to forms such as Dailies, Observation Reports, Work Order, or RFIs.

Offline Binders – take any of the documents in your binder offline to view from anywhere.

Bug Fixes:
– Fix issue with publishing mark-ups to make them public.

2.1.9 – Minor Updates Release

– Auto-filled dates on forms are now in local times zones instead of UTC.
– Minor bug fixes.

2.1.8 – Digital Binder Improvements

In-Binder searching and filtering – easily find and organize information in your digital binders.

Bug fixes:
– Save calibrations for the measurement tool (per color).

2.1.7 – Search and Browse Improvements

New filter and sorting options – you can now filter on documents with markups, search for content in markups, and filter on source file or order date.

Faster document versions – new versions will populate more rapidly on mobile.

Easier account creation experience – log in and create an account welcome email now brings mobile users directly to the mobile app to get started more quickly.