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Partnering with DADO is the fastest way to collaborate across information stored today in binders, forms, folders, silos, cloud platforms, PM software. Your team will work shoulder to shoulder with DADO’s experts, identifying your team’s use case and objectives, training, and making sure the software supports your processes.

NECA Chapter Benefits

  • Exclusive Discounts
  • Special Training & Education Support
  • Access to Research

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Benefits Overview

Get Special Training and Benefits for Your Local NECA Chapter

  • Virtual Training & Webinars
  • Digital Form Consultation
  • Exclusive Discount Rates for Participating Chapters
NECA Training Events

Access to Research

Quickly access and navigate ELECTRI Reports using DADO’s powerful search engine. Simply use the link below to navigate to ELECTRI’s website and log in using your Single Sign-On.

In-Person Events & Educational Support

As a member of NECA’s Industry Alliance Network, DADO has made a commitment to engage with and support the local chapters that would benefit most from digitization and the move toward better data ownership. We are committed to helping every contractor with their transition to Digital Excellence in their document control programs and offer in-person training and event opportunities for the chapters where we participate as associate members.

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