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Get started with DADO to sync your current cloud platforms, search your team’s documents, and collaborate across disciplines using our industry-standard Markups, dynamic Forms, and more.

1. Sync + Templates


DADO integrates with Construction’s most trusted cloud platforms. You can keep using the software tools you love and sync all your project documents to DADO in real time.

Spec Breakout

Whether your spec book is 100 or 1000 pages long, DADO will automatically break out spec sections making them easier to search and read.


DADO’s best-in-class Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scans the gnarliest layouts and even handwritten notes, making the entire content of your doc (yes, all of it) searchable.

Auto Versioning

DADO shows you exactly how many issues of a drawing you have and gives you the confidence your team needs to know you’re building with the right plan.

Auto Slip Sheeting

Not only will DADO AutoVersion your drawings, but your latest issue is AutoSlipSheeted to the front of the stack so your team sees it first.


You’re working across software platforms on every job. Files are saved in your local server, in your cloud storage platforms, and in project management software. Finding your digital construction documents is more challenging than ever and we built search features that retrieve what you need, the moment you need it.

DADO speaks the language of construction. It knows when you search “basement” that you’re looking for a plan that may read “Lower Level.” DADO finds hidden connections between documents, too. You may not know an RFI is connected to the piece ticket you just searched, but DADO does.

Voice or Text

Find your documents fast using a voice or text search- and don’t worry about your typos. DADO will auto-correct and find what you need. None of us became builders because we’re great at spelling.

Every single piece of text in DADO is hyperlink. Automatically. Select and search. It’s that easy.

Quick Filters

Drill down your search results with customizable Quick Filters so you can focus only on what you need.

3. Collaborate


Unite your team on a single platform. Use tools like Markups, Compare, and Binders to quickly communicate changes and issues with your project team. Email or text a document out of DADO, add a note, and get the answers you need.

Digital Binders

You love Binders. We love Binders. Stop lugging the heavy paper and plastic version around the site and go digital. Trust us, you won’t want to go back.

Mark-ups tools

Industry-standard tools like clouds, lines, and highlighters to easily call out your notes and changes.

Share Documents

Got a question that needs a quick answer? Email or text your document right out of DADO. No proprietary file types here.


You will always get notified about every drawing change, right? Just in case you don’t, use DADO Compare to layer your old drawing with the reissue and be confident you caught every update.



“My guys are excited to use the voice search and fillable forms. That’s going to cut down a lot of time on their house, on their behalf to, getting more work done, in an eight hour day.”

Anthony Sant, Operations Manager with Fisk Electric

How your peers are getting the most from DADO

Reducing your Administrative Burden

Teach DADO to recognize layouts for your drawings and other common documentation for easy document ingestion and administration.

Find Pieces and Parts Quickly

Stop digging through a stack of 200 drawings or flipping through binders to then have to flip through a spec book. Find a piece or part and all of its related information in a Smart Search.

Organize and Distribute Information

Give your teams the information they need. All of the details, none of the fluff, so they can get the job done without adding confusion.

Build Off The Latest Project Information

Have the peace of mind that the latest information will always be in DADO. Out-of-date versions will always stay accessible, but will be clearly marked as old. Easily jump to the latest drawing issue and avoid possible rework.

Standardize Your Company Process

Build your DADO Projects and repeat your settings and preferences on future Projects. Unite your whole team on a platform that’s quick to learn and built for the field.

Find Information Across Document Types

Instantly and automatically connect information across document types and find the links when you use voice or text search in DADO.

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