Automated synchronization capabilities provide admin-free instant access to drawings, RFIs, and documents from Procore.

February 10th, 2022 – Oakland, CA.

DADO, construction’s leading document management and forms software platform, today announced the integration of DADO Sync from Procore.

The integration enables contractors to directly connect documents in Procore to DADO. This means that construction documents added – including drawings and RFIs – will automatically be synced, organized, and discoverable in DADO, without requiring any administrative intervention.

DADO Sync from Procore allows contractors to decide whether they want to synchronize a selection of documents from Procore, or treat DADO as a central document hub. Once synchronized, the documents are indexed by DADO’s best-in-class Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and organized for use with DADO’s proprietary search and collaboration tools. Custom notifications proactively alert users when new documents are imported, or on the basis of key terms, such as an equipment tag or drawing reference.

Contractors working with Procore document scan now easily sync them into DADO, along with documents from their other document storage providers. Once in DADO, users can take advantage of DADO’s powerful search, indexing, and collaboration tools to work with their documents.

“Each new construction project brings together a unique team of project participants with their own project management and document management practices and platforms. It is critical for our customers to stay up to date on key updates and changes across all of the projects they are working on. It is our mission to ensure teams can easily find and collaborate on this information regardless of what platform it is stored in,” said Jake Olsen, Co-Founder and CEO of DADO.

“DADO Sync for Procore is an important new addition to our list of integration partners as more of the industry moves to Procore as a project management solution. DADO customers can now sync drawings, RFIs and other documents directly from Procore to DADO with zero admin time.”

For more information about DADO Sync for Procore, please visit or call (866) 704-7210.

DADO Sync for Procore is also available in the Procore App Marketplace here.


About DADO
DADO is construction’s leading Forms and Document Management platform, helping contractors submit, find, and collaborate on the latest project information. Founded in California in 2018, DADO increases project and service teams’ productivity through its industry-leading search and automation tools.

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