Developed in conjunction with construction industry leaders, DADO’s Smart Forms enables users to fill out, search, and share forms digitally via desktop and mobile devices. 

June 16th, 2021 – Oakland, CA.

DADO, construction’s leading document management and forms software platform, today announced the launch of Smart Forms, the latest addition to the platform’s feature set. The addition of Smart Forms significantly improves operational efficiencies by enabling users to enter data, search, and share forms digitally. 

Form-filling is a necessary but time-consuming part of the construction industry. With traditional paper-based forms creating major inefficiencies, DADO’s Smart Forms offers a smart, digital alternative that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on a variety of devices. 

Key capabilities include:

  • Smart automation: the ability to automatically fill in commonly used information; auto-numbering; and dynamic team management.
  • Construction-friendly functionality: intelligent search that retrieves documents based on common industry synonyms; digital signatures; and automated versioning.
  • Visual documentation: the ability to attach photos, drawings and files; a full markup toolset to edit, draw, and sketch.
  • Anytime, anywhere availability: compatible with desktops or laptops in the office, and iPads and iPhones on jobsites.
  • Full export capabilities: enabling quick, easy data and file exports to simplify reporting and analysis.

DADO’s Smart Forms has been developed specifically for the construction industry, with both support and feedback from leading companies like Fisk Electric. 

“What’s really attractive about DADO is that out of the box, they solve the problem that we’re trying to solve with the administration of documents,” says Cory Borchardt, Senior Vice President of Operations at Fisk Electric.

“But what’s really cool is they were looking for us as a partner to help them make the software better. With DADO, our problem becomes their problem. They find a way to fix it.”

The Smart Forms feature is now available to all current customers. It is the first in a series of planned enhancements to the DADO software platform, focusing on delivering significant operational efficiencies to its growing customer base.

“As the construction industry continues to explore digitization, DADO continues to partner with industry leaders to better understand these evolving needs,” says DADO CEO & Co-founder Jake Olsen.

“We’re excited to offer digital solutions that are tightly aligned to the industry’s best operating practices, while also using cutting-edge technologies and approaches to deliver significant benefits for our customers.” 

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