Sync Cloud Platforms

Identify and capture all channels of information by syncing the cloud platforms associated with your project. Instead of searching in each repository to find what you need, use DADO to engage a global search.

Index a Range of Document Types

Once the cloud platforms sync with DADO, users will see a range of document types that can be automatically indexed. DADO can also be customized to recognize any document types such as safety manuals, code books, purchase orders, schedules and more.

Intelligent Search

DADO speaks construction. Our intelligent search reconciles key terms and knows when you are making a spelling error. If you need to ask a question like, “show me approved valves, DADO search knows to look in RFIs and submittals. DADO delivers the right information at the right time.

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Voice Search

During active construction, voice driven intelligent search is when the rubber meets the road. Field teams easily find the information they need without losing sight of the project milestones.

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Garbage in → Organized Information Out

Prior to DADO’s intelligent search, there were times when finding the right document, like a design drawing or project communication, seemed impossible.  Attempted CTRL-F searches in multiple file channels may or may not provide the right document.  Given the amount of project data, one search could consume hours or even days. Armed with DADO, you’ll spend zero time on document administration.

Intelligent Search

DADO is well acquainted with construction documents. For instance, intelligent search can help you find what you need as well as similar terms. For example if you are looking for mezzanine, DADO will provide you with documents that have mezzanine along with similar terms like upper level.

Intelligent Documents

DADO makes your construction documents smart. The information on your documents is able to be searched by DADO. Whether DADO is looking at a safety manual or a project drawing, intelligent documents provide critical information to determine characteristics like type, version, relationship.

Auto Hyperlinks

Engage DADO’s best in class OCR to identify a specific detail, call-out or tag. This detail can then initiate a new search to find every other relevant document, think of it like auto-hyperlinking


Skip re-entering your search from in documents, when you need to find something inside a document quickly, we pass along your original search for you to quickly drill into the documents and find what you are looking for.

Mark Ups

Make visual and textual annotations on the pages of documents and share with others.


Collaborate with your team by referencing documents that can instantly be searched and annotated.

Custom Templates

Create templates to ensure ingested future documents are correctly labeled to remove the administrative burden of identifying information for each document.

Spec Breakout

Whether your spec book is 100 or 1,000 pages long, DADO scans every detail. Upload your spec book and DADO will recover the information you need when you need it.


Create binders to organize pages or sheets from different documents in a single place and share them with team members.

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Integrates with the software you love.

Reduce rework from finding the wrong document by integrating the applications you love.

Find the right information at the right time.

Eliminate digging through deep file structures by engaging an intelligent search tool.

Rest easy in knowing search can be deployed on large-scale, confidential projects requiring enterprise level security.

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