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New Sync Connections

January & February 2022

DADO Integrations

DADO’s information hub now has more sources than ever to import and sync your project information. So if you’re dealing with having to find project information across multiple cloud providers, including construction platforms, you can now bring all of them to one information hub.

Released January 2022

Our latest beta feature connects construction documents in a way never done before: by automatically drawing the connections between related project information and guiding users to important docs they need to review. Smart Links is currently an early access beta feature, available only to select DADO customers.

How to use Smart Links:

  • Quick navigation – see what documents and tags appear for each page.
  • Alert users to important documents – flag which related documents are important to check out, such as related RFIs, right from a drawing. Highlight documents you should be looking for.
  • See all related documents – and quickly access them

Offline Mode for DADO’s Mobile App

Released January 2022

Take DADO offline now! Even without an internet connection, you can view, create, and edit Smart Forms and Binders.

Offline Support:

  • View any document or drawing offline once it’s in a binder.
  • Create and update drafts of forms – forms can be submitted once back online.

Saved Searches & Search Notifications

Released November 2021

Let key project information come to you. Get email updates on the newest information in your project using Saved Searches. Click “Saved Searches” from the Documents search bar to save applied terms and filters. Opt in to notifications to learn as soon as new docs matching your queries are available!

Since these notifications are based on your search – you’ll only get emails for the things you care about!

Saved Searches Settings:

  • Detailed filters and search parameters that tailor the information you need.
  • Whether to send a notification, and how often you want to be notified.
  • Setting updates in case you change your mind later.

DADO Web App Enhancements

Rolling releases from 2021

Get the same features you love from DADO’s mobile app – now on your desktop or laptop.

DADO for the web now supports:

  • Compare Drawings – select which versions of a document you want to compare. With a Shop or Project Drawing open, click “Compare” to overlay it on another version. You can even change the versions’ colors for improved accessibility.
  • Digital Binders – create, manage, and access your digital binders from the web application. Build work packages or any other collection of information by adding documents to Binders. While viewing a document, just click “Add to Binder” then select a collection to add the document to, or create a new one! 
  • Binder Export (web only) – once a document has been added to a binder, it can also be exported as a single document.

Enhancements to Smart Forms

Rolling releases from 2021

Following the initial release of Smart Forms, we’ve released a number of enhancements.

DADO Smart Forms now supports:

  • Create drafts of forms – helpful for daily logs or RFIs, or any form where you need multiple inputs before you want to submit it.
  • Create versions of forms – update a submitted form and DADO will version it for you.
  • Auto-naming – choose how you want to name your form. This is great for including names or dates.
  • Attach documents to forms – download any document or drawing from DADO and attach it to the form.
  • Fast-fill and autofill – common information like date, name, and project name can be configured to auto-populate and save you time.
  • Auto-calculations – in your PDF settings you can define your calculations, and the form will auto-populate calculations in DADO as you go.

DADO Smart Forms 1.0

Released June 2021

Create, submit, and access your forms from your browser or the mobile app. DADO Smart Forms helps project and service teams take their forms digital and brings them into your document hub with all of your project documents

DADO Smart Forms includes:

  • Support for any fillable PDF – from Daily Reports to Safety Checklists, customized for your project and reporting needs.
  • Unlimited form templates – create as many forms as you need for your teams.
  • Attach photos to forms.
  • Digital signature support.
  • Mark-up with clouds and text to give detailed context on RFIs.
  • Forms are searchable once submitted in DADO along with all of your other documents.
  • The same powerful OCR, which reads text in photos, or scanned documents.

DADO 2.0

Released April 2021

DADO 2.0 is a major upgrade. To get started, DADO automates your admin effort by organizing and indexing your documents. Then DADO ensures the proper handling of all types of construction documents with Smart Templates, Autopublish, and Custom Document Types.

With DADO, administrators can kick their feet up while DADO does the hard work: 

  • Smart Templates combined with best-in-class OCR allow administrators to skip the process of manually assigning information to drawings and custom document types. 
  • Autopublish cuts down the amount of time newly-imported documents aren’t available to your teammates, by removing the need to publish documents. 
  • Custom Documents lets administrators create custom fields and filters, giving their team members a better search experience.

Procore Sync+

Released February 2021


DADO is your info hub no matter where you store or create your documents. There is no double-duty managing your documents. With Sync+ for Procore, reviewed sheets come into DADO ready to be administered, tagged, and instantly accessible to your field and office teams.

It doesn’t matter if you have contract documents in Procore, shop drawings in BIM 360 and your safety manual in Sharepoint, all of your documents can be found in one place – without the hassle of changing your business practices or document standards to use DADO.

OCR Algorithm Enhancements

Released January 2021


You have no control over the state of the drawings you use. DADO reviewed dozens of the dirtiest construction documents and refined our algorithm so that even coffee stains, repeated scans, and the most ridiculous fonts won’t stop your teams from finding the information they need.

DADO now supports:

  • Poorly scanned copies.
  • Multiple text orientations.
  • A mix of text images (OCR) and true type font.
  • Poor previous OCR.
  • Stamped text or handwritten text.
  • Historical documents (typewriter).

Sharepoint Documents Now in DADO

Released January 2021

Sharepoint Documents Now in DADO

Our customers requested it, so we’ve added Sharepoint to our list of supported cloud integrations. You can now do a one-time upload, or set up an ongoing sync of your documents in Sharepoint Teams. 

Natural Language Search Update

Released January 2021

Natural Language Search Update

After reviewing the most common searches, we made a few tweaks to make it easier to find documents like plumbing fixture schedules, welding inspection requirements, AHU schedules, and security system notes. If you haven’t run a voice search in a while, you’ll find the updates will improve your search efforts. 

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