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Digitize Your Safety Forms and Take Your Safety Program to the Next Level

Easily keep track of all of your safety information and make meeting compliance requirements easier. Digitize your safety forms and make all of your safety information available from one easy-to-use app.

Forms as Part of a Broader Safety Program

  • Keep your manuals, training materials, and forms in one place – load all of your safety information (documents and forms) into one place where it’s easy to search and find information.
  • Analyze your safety information – one-click export all your safety information and review it in Power BI or other data tools. Track and analyze and safety incidents and find areas to improve.
  • Make sure you have your submitted forms – see all the forms that come in, and quickly track pending submissions in our admin tracker.

Bring Your Own Forms or Use a Template

DADO Forms uses fillable PDFs so any safety form can be loaded into it. We offer a set of standard templates or can work with your team to build a custom template, including:

  • JHA/ JSA
  • Pre-Task Plan
  • Safety Checklist
  • Toolbox Talk Attendance

Forms Notifications

Send Emails and Custom Notifications

  • Send automatic emails on submission – email your safety manager the daily or weekly submissions.
  • Real time alerts – ensure all parties involved are kept up-to-date on important project changes and drive accountability with field supervisors.
  • Custom notifications – decide how and when you want to be notified about important changes or incidents that may be exposing your project team to known risks.
  • Privacy settings – security settings for each for so you can mange who has access to see the submitted information.

Easy To Fill Out and Organize

Submit from Mobile App or Desktop
  • Type or voice input – voice-to-text makes your field team’s lives easier. Prefer to work from a laptop? No problem: DADO makes it to complete forms and add additional information like pictures or snippits right into the form.
  • Autofill – dates, names, project names, anything that you can preassign, just put in your settings of the form and DADO will fill that in for your team.
  • Prefill from a previous form – for forms you fill out with the same information over and over, turn on the option to start with a previous version, edit, and submit.
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