Smart Forms

Product Feature

Increase productivity by streamlining your workflow with DADO.

DADO Forms saves you time indexing forms and finding the information you need, when you need it.

Made for the Industry

Built for the Field

DADO’s digital forms are built for construction teams who need to maximize productivity at every step.

Automation Features

Avoid Expensive Mistakes

Don’t waste time filling in the same information over and over, or repeating tedious steps. DADOs automation capabilities do the work for you. It even checks that the information is correct, so when you search for it later, you can be confident it’s right.

Fast Fill

DADO can automatically fill in commonly used information, including names and dates.

Auto Numbering

Just select your form number and prefix, then save. You can sort the information into order when you need it later.

Dynamic Teams

Manage your project teams and your forms will be automatically updated with the latest roster.

Construction Friendly Tools


Filling in forms is only a part of the picture – you also need to be able to quickly update, reference, and share information in the office, and on jobsites. Wherever you are, DADO makes this quick and easy – even on your mobile device.

DADO finds hidden connections between forms and documents: you may not know an RFI is connected to the piece ticket you just searched, but DADO does.

Photos & Digital Signatures

Attaching photos of the jobsite and providing sign- off information is a must. We’ve got it covered.

Automated Versioning

Update information in your forms throughout the day or over a longer period. Save as many updates as you need, and DADO automatically saves each submission as a new version.

Low Connectivity

DADO’s mobile app supports updating your forms on jobsites with poor coverage.

Easy Data Exports

Simplify Reporting & Analysis

DADO makes it quick and easy to export data, whether it’s financial data for use in your accounting systems, or to run an analysis of your project data. DADO supports both CSV and Zip file downloads.



“My guys are excited to use the voice search and fillable forms. That’s going to cut down a lot of time on their house, on their behalf to, getting more work done, in an eight hour day.”

Anthony Sant, Operations Manager with Fisk Electric

Automation-Ready Form Templates

Every new DADO project comes with a set of the industry’s most-used forms, optimized and pre-loaded for you. Download them as a template, add your company logo, and you’re ready to go!

Daily Reports
Safety Checklist
Observation Reports
Attendance Form
Work Order
T&M Tickets

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