Never Miss Another Important Document with DADO’s Smart Links Beta

The information in construction documents is all interconnected. DADO’s Smart Links Beta automatically connects related information, so you don’t have to.

  • Uncover a related RFI from a plan.
  • See new change orders come in for equipment from a drawing.
  • Quickly navigate across documents and filter on important documents

What’s in the Beta

Current Version Includes
  • Important Documents – highlight key related documents from any drawing or document and quickly navigate from one document to another.
  • Standard and Custom Tags – in addition to recognizing standard information such as spec sections and sheet numbers, you can train DADO how to identify information unique to your drawings and documents to improve the relationship algorithm.
  • Show Links to and From any Document or Plan – quickly uncover any related documents, including any documents referencing plans you’re currently working on, to uncover RFIs or changes you might not be aware of.
  • Smart Links Beta is only available to select customers, who provide real-world feedback as we fine-tune the linking algorithm and customer experience.
  • Smart Links Beta can be turned on at the company level and configured for each project in DADO.
  • To get access, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Account Rep, or submit the form below.

Apply for Beta Access

Whether you’re an existing customer or new to DADO, let us know how you’d like to use Smart Links Beta. We’ll be in touch to discuss whether you’re a good candidate for early access.

What kinds of Smart Links are automatically included?

Smart Links includes project and shop drawing sheet numbers, and specifications’ spec section numbers out-of-the-box. As we develop the feature additional tags will be available. In the meantime, custom identifiers or tags can be created with the Smart Links tag manager tool.

How does the tag manager tool work?

Simply highlight what kinds of tags or related links you want related as Smart Links, and DADO will write code on the fly to match the pattern. No coding experience required. We do recommend working with your customer success manager on the initial setup.

Can I create standard tags for my company?

Tags are currently configured by project to match the project documents set.

How much feedback would I be expected to give on the feature as a Beta participant?

There is not a set amount of feedback for beta participants, we general try to get feedback 1-2 times a month either as an email or as a remote conference call to share feedback on how we can improve the feature.