DADO feels the love

Dee Cramer logo

“DADO has really improved the efficiency and the accuracy of the data that we’re looking at and how it reflects on our proposals.”

Steve Hunt
Vice President, Preconstruction
Dee Cramer

Berwick Electric Co logo

“We are easily 5x faster than we were before.”

Joe Hanika
VDC Technology Coordinator
Berwick Electric Co.

Binksy Mechanical logo

“This is a tool that truly gets to the issue of PRODUCTIVTY by getting the right information to the field right away.”

Bob Synder
Binsky Mechanical

Allison-Smith Company logo

“After using DADO for a few months now it would be fair to say that time dedicated to admin and upkeep has gone from hours to minutes. Days of dedicated upkeep are now reduced to checking in once, maybe twice a week.”

Todd Grossweiler
Executive Vice President
Allison-Smith Company, LLC

FiskElectric logo

“What’s really attractive about DADO is that out of the box, they solve the problem that we’re trying to solve with the administration of documents… With DADO, our problem becomes their problem. They find a way to fix it.”

Cory Borchardt
Senior Vice President of Operations
Fisk Electric

Andy J. Egan logo

“Before DADO we would spend hours searching through these massive submittal packages. Now we zero in on exactly what we’re looking for right away… We went from two hours, literally down to two minutes.”

Chris Weaver
Director of Technology
Andy J. Egan

Mechanical Inc logo

“We’re trying to get people to break the habit of searching through 7 layers to find the right document only to then worry if it’s old…when we search in DADO we get the most relevant documents, but we’re also getting [related] documents that might be a revision or superseded…”

Travis Voss
Leader of Innovative Technology
Mechanical Inc

Bana Electric Corp

“It’s not easy to get people in my world to use digital solutions to paper problems. And yours was easy to adopt. I gotta be honest…I love it.”

Stephen Bender
Bana Electric Corp

Logo of Plumbers, Steamfitters, Refrigeration & Pipeline Union - Local 342

“The biggest hangup is information to the field…the people that build the job. DADO is a better way of getting information to those people on a daily basis. It’s a serious game changer!”

Gabe Maestretti
Lead Technology Instructor
Plumbers, Steamfitters, Refrigeration & Pipeline Union – Local 342

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