DADO Document Management for Estimators

Sick of Worrying You’ve Missed Vital Documents?

Juggling multiple projects, each with large document sets you don’t have time to fully familiarise yourself with. Spending hours on frustrating searches, digging through someone else’s folder structures to find what you need. Having to call someone to dig out hard-to-find information. Knowing that missing a single document could cost you big time.

Sound familiar? Sounds like it’s time to consider a better document management solution: DADO.

Why Estimators Love DADO

Everything You Need in One Place

No more folder structures or cloud platforms to navigate – DADO’s your all-in-one for every last document, from every single platform. Once your project is set-up, new documents will automatically sync to DADO, so you never have to call or email to get access to a document again.

Get ALL the Relevant Search Results

Type or speak your search, and DADO brings you all the relevant search results, right down to related RFIs. We even include results for related terms – for example, search for “basement”, and you’ll get results for “lower-level” as well. Want to narrow it down? Quick filters make it fast and simple.

Quickly Move Between Related Documents

Auto-hyperlinking and long-press search let you jump between related documents like specifications, design drawings, and contract documents.

Instantly Find What You’re Looking For

DADO even scans and indexes text in PDFs and handwritten notes. No more missing out on relevant comments or wasting time ploughing through PDFs manually. We’ve invested in cutting-edge Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to make sure you can find every relevant result from your documents.

Automated Versioning

DADO automatically versions every document, so you have an inbuilt audit trail right from the start. Automatic slip-sheeting means you’ll always see the most recent version first. And we’ve made it simple to check that you’ve got the most up-to-date documents, and check changes against previous versions.

Bookmarks & Digital Binders for Quick Access

Easily build custom digital binders for each new project. Search and find the documents you need once, and have them at hand whenever you need them again in a convenient digital binder. Save even more time by sharing the binder with your team.

“DADO has really improved the efficiency and the accuracy of the data that we’re looking at and how it reflects on our proposals.

The people who are actually using [DADO] in their workflow, definitely have seen the value. It’s something that they’re talking about on a weekly basis – how it’s helped ease their workflow in getting things done, hitting their deadlines.”

Steve Hunt, Vice-President of Preconstruction, Dee Cramer

What Estimators Need to Know About DADO’s Document Management

How much administration is required to use DADO?

DADO aims to minimize document administration. Our advanced administrative tools make it quick and efficient to initially import your data, creating a searchable repository that includes ALL of your project’s documentation. Then new documents are automatically added – no extra admin required, just access to all your specs, submittals, drawings, and any other bid documents in one location.

When new drawing revisions come out, how does DADO handle that?

DADO looks for the most recent date on the drawing and assigns it to the document. Then, by referencing the sheet number and the latest date, it automatically orders your drawings in reverse chronological order. No more manual superseding and slip-sheeting.

Can we share documents with vendors or a third party?

Yes! You can invite anyone to your DADO workspace, so it’s easy to collaborate with vendors or subcontractors who need access to your documents. DADO breaks documentation down at a project level, so you can give them access to only the projects you’re working on together.

How do you break out specs?

If your specifications adhere to the MasterFormat (## ## ##), DADO breaks your spec book out into the specification sections. This will save your hours when you need to find something specific like “Low Voltage Specs” or “Water Heater Spec”.

What is automatic hyperlinking?

Automatic hyperlinking is a term we use to describe our ability to search all of the text on any document in a project. If you see a callout detail that you want to look at, or an equipment tag like “RTU-22,” we can search all of your documents to find related information. This might appear on the rooftop shop drawings, or maybe it’s in an RFI. DADO will let you know.

Do you have markup / measurement tools?

Yes, we have a standard set of markup tools that are available for use: clouds, text markups, and some measurement tools like linear measurements or area square footage markups.

Do you have any automated takeoff tools?

DADO doesn’t have any automated tools that will assist in a takeoff.

How long does it take to load a page in DADO?

DADO optimizes and indexes every document you upload to our system. That means even large, layered images can be found and viewed quickly. As with any PDF viewer, the size of the PDF affects its loading time – but we’ve heard that ours is one of the fastest that people have used.

How many documents can I load into DADO?

We don’t limit the number of documents you can load into DADO. As a document search and management tool, what good would it be if we had limits? Upload as many documents as your project news, so you can always find what you need, when you need it.

Can I use DADO on my desktop? On my Mac?

DADO is available as an iOS app for your iPad or iPhone, and as a web app for use on a Mac or PC.

What kind of documents can you search in DADO?

Pretty much any 2D document can be uploaded and searched on DADO. The most commonly uploaded document formats are Word and PDF.

Bluebeam has CTRL+ F, so why would I use DADO?

DADO takes search to a new level, making it faster and simpler to locate even the most specific documents, like a certain drawing or one-line diagram. CTRL + F means you have to search the exact right term to find what you want – no typos allowed. But with intelligent search capabilities, DADO allows you to find results even if you don’t use quite the right words. And unlike Bluebeam, DADO doesn’t slow down when you open more and more documents.

When Missing a Single Document Could Cost You Big Time, Rely on DADO

Estimators who rely on DADO get accurate bids together more quickly, because it’s fast and simple to get access to the documents they need. Be confident you haven’t missed a crucial document, and significantly improve your ability to win projects. DADO is the fastest way to get all the information you need, when you need it.

Join the construction industry’s most innovative companies and see how DADO’s digital document management solution makes it faster and simpler to get your job done. Get in touch to learn more.