DADO Document Management for the Field

Rely On Intelligent Search to Deliver

The Field Demands Instant, Reliable Access to Information

Active construction relies on reliable information to execute the work. There’s a lot that can go wrong like version confusion, inability to edit or document modifications, and decentralized repository of information. DADO plows through these challenges with a voice driven, intelligent search tool app that accesses the information you need at the right time to get the job done.

Benefits include:

  • Everyone will be able to easily find and access project information from the field.
  • Find and share project information from anywhere.
  • Find and collaborate with project teams from an easy to navigate and secure solution.
  • Easily locate and access the files you need from any device.
  • Save regular searches for efficient tracking.
  • Teams stay connected by finding the latest project updates.
  • Find, collaborate and share information instantly with your team members.
  • Find RFIs directly from project documents.
  • Find the current status of submittals.
  • Find submittal packages from anywhere.

Best in Class Owner Management

It’s time to add Intelligent Search to gain command over the document beast.

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