DADO Document Management for Owners

Rely On Intelligent Search to Set the Direction

Owners Require Reliable, Timely Information to Chart the Course

Making project decisions that directly impact the outcome can be a bit intimidating. Imagine the consequence of making a critical decision on bad information. Throughout the course of any given day, hundreds of documents are being generated to set the course for building your project. Let DADO guide you to the right information and enable you to make informed decisions and further your project progress.

Benefits include:

  • Find the latest project information from anywhere.
  • Search for files across multiple projects instantly.
  • Find and collaborate with project teams from an easy to navigate and secure solution.
  • Find and track bid activity in real-time.
  • Locate activity and events in real-time to ensure accountability.
  • Active project information can be found for facilities management from start to finish.
  • Easily find building data.
  • Locate guarantees and warranties.
  • Locate O&M instructions.
  • Empower a more targeted building operation by being able to easily find the information to support the owner/occupants needs.
  • Locate data to predict future operational needs.

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