DADO Document Management for Project Managers

Stop Letting Document Management Get in the Way of Your Project Management

With each project, you get a new, increasingly complex set of documents to navigate. You need a document management system that’s built for construction. One that will do the heavy lifting for you, creating efficiencies, not problems.

Imagine quickly being able to find the important document you need, wherever you are – even on your iPhone. Saving time by giving the field direct, automatic access to the latest documents, so they don’t need to call the office. Having the peace of mind that you’re always working off the most up-to-date information.

Sound good? Then it’s time to consider switching to DADO.

Why Project Managers Love DADO

A Single Place For All Your Project Documents

Once you’re set-up, all documents from all cloud platforms automatically sync to DADO. No manual syncing or emailing for the latest versions – they automatically appear. And no more navigating different apps for different docs – DADO’s your all-in-one.

Search Results That Make Sense

Speak or type what you want and DADO delivers. No more guessing or spending hours trying to better organize documents. Intelligent Search means you get all the relevant results, from related RFIs, to documents with “lower-level” when you search for “basement”.

Digital Forms Made Meaningful

Fill out forms wherever you are, whether it’s on a jobsite with your iPhone or in a trailer on your laptop. Add photos or diagrams, mark existing diagrams up, and add digital signatures. Then get instant access to meaningful, searchable data from your forms in real-time.

Instantly Find Everything You’re Looking For

We scan every document and make its content searchable. Thanks to cutting-edge Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, your search results will include content from PDFs, handwritten notes that are otherwise hard to decipher, and gnarly custom layouts.

Always View the Latest Version of Every Doc

DADO automatically slip-sheets, labels, and versions every document, giving you a clear audit trail from the get-go. For your convenience, you’ll always see the most recent version first. Want to review older versions, or compare them side-to-side? Click and view in seconds.

Access For All Team Members, Office or Field

Wherever your team members are, and whether they have a computer, iPad, or iPhone, everyone has access to the information they need. No more kiosk lines, trudging back to trailers, or calling and emailing the admin team – just instant access to the documents they’re looking for.

What Project Managers Need to Know About Document Management With DADO

Do you store drawings in the cloud?

Yes! We host all of your documents on AWS, domestically stored in the United States.

What kind of devices do you support?

Our mobile app is on iOS, available for iPhones and iPads. Our web app can be used by any computer with a browser.

Can I log my submittals in DADO?

Yes. We have a submittal storage module that will allow you to assign a status to your submittals. Most of our users send out the approved submittals that they want their field team to have access to.

How can my guys in the field access the documents?

Your field team can use either our iOS app on their iPads or iPhones, or if they have a laptop or BIM box, they can access DADO through the web.

Do you need internet access to use DADO?

Yes, you’ll need an internet connection to search DADO, just like you would to access the web or email generally. However, we optimize all of the imported documents so that even in a low-connectivity environment, DADO will get you the information and access you need.

What happens if my documents are scanned in, or have non-standard layouts?

DADO has best-in-class OCR that can make quick work of poorly scanned documents. We also have advanced tools that allow you to set DADO up to learn to properly read your non-standard documents.

How much administration is required to use DADO?

DADO’s advanced administrative tools minimize the admin time you spend. It’s quick and efficient to get set-up and create a searchable repository that includes ALL of your project’s documentation (think specs, submittals, drawings, forms, and safety information; all in one location). In an independent test administering 1,965 documents of all types, DADO was 5x faster than Procore or PlanGrid.

And once set-up, DADO minimizes admin time by automatically syncing to include new documents – no more manual intervention required.

How does DADO handle revisions to drawings and specs?

DADO automatically creates new versions and slip-sheets them so you always see the most recent docs first.

The GC requires us to use their system, so how can I get documents I need into DADO?

We have several options for moving your data off of a GC’s tool and into your own DADO project. Whether you sync with popular cloud platforms (think Dropbox, Box, Egnyte, BIM360/ADSK, Google Drive, Microsoft…) or drag and drop documents manually, our advanced administration tools make it fast and simple to move, access, and collaborate on your documents.

Savvy Project Managers Let DADO Do the Heavy Lifting

Project management is already stressful enough. When it comes to construction document management, savvy project managers let DADO do the heavy lifting. With DADO, document management stops being a big hassle that sucks up time. Instead, it’s a fast, simple task that makes everyone on the team more efficient.

Join the construction industry’s most innovative companies and see how DADO’s digital document management solution makes project management simpler and less stressful. Get in touch to learn more.