DADO Document Management for Safety Managers

Safety Lives at the Center of your Business. So Why Does it Have its Own App?

Ensuring your team has the necessary information to work safely and compliantly is a challenge. You need a solution that gives your team fast, convenient access to vital information, even in the field.

Get peace of mind with DADO’s digital document management and forms solution, built to help teams like yours simplify the process of deploying mission-critical information, and capturing data in the field.

Ditch the paper. Lose the safety app. Make DADO be the place your team finds ALL of the answers they need to get the job done right.

DADO document management for safety managers

Why Safety Managers Love DADO

Instant Access to the Latest Info – in the Field or Office

Documents are available as soon as they’re uploaded or synced, so everyone always has the latest information. And because DADO’s available on desktop, iPad, and iPhone, it’s fast and easy to access at any time – even on jobsites.

One Platform for All Your Project Documentation

DADO makes it easy to deliver safety content right alongside project documents. Use an app that allows your team to quickly search and find safety related answers in the place they already work. Keep your projects on time and reduce risks due to missing information.

Supports OSHA Compliance

Create and distribute Hazard Communication Plans. Submit relevant documents for insurance purposes. Be prepared if OSHA requires proof of compliance.

Capture Safety Information Digitally

Capture and store all your data via digital forms – including inspections, audits, checklists, JHAs, and work permits. Get notified when key forms are submitted. Automated versioning means you never lose information & creates a built-in audit trail.

Supports COVID-19 Safety Measures

Make it easy for your team members to submit test results on a daily or weekly basis. Stay compliant, while promoting good decision making across your field operations.

Improve Visibility Into Safety Data

Capture real data from form submissions that can be used to analyze trends and provide insights. Create real-time visibility for your entire organization, while driving compliance with field teams. Share key documents with stakeholders and notify them. All from within DADO.

“DADO is great. In addition to our field staff having access to all project documents, they also have all our safety documents at their fingertips.”

Charles Vance, CHST – Corporate Safety Director, Fisk Electric

Because Safety Matters, Choose DADO

Safety managers who rely on DADO know that their teams always have access to the latest safety information. They spend less time chasing paper forms, and more time analyzing data that helps to minimize risks. Eliminate the need for another application and enable your team to access your safety program right alongside the project documentation they use every day. Maximize the value of your safety program by making it digitally available for everyone – in the office and the field.

Join the construction industry’s most innovative companies and see how DADO’s digital document management solution makes it faster and simpler to get your job done. Get in touch to learn more.